Stop industrial cakes and overly sweet fruit juices! A specialist explains how to prepare a balanced snack … for young and old.


Good news, the snack is not just for children, far from it: ” this mini-meal can also be for adults who tend to eat a lot in the evening ” says Frédérique Chataigner, founder of the eponymous method. Preparing a balanced snack for your child (and for yourself) is not rocket science, provided you avoid certain nutritional missteps:

  • Neither soda nor fruit juice

Drinking a can of soda (33 cL) is like eating 7 coffee sugars. But fruit juice is not a healthier option: even in the organic or “homemade” version, it is ultra-rich in fructose, the natural sugar contained in fruits …

” These two sugary drinks cause spikes of insulin in the body and, when consumed regularly, increase the risk of developing diabetes – in children as in adults,” says Frédérique Chataigner.

  • Stop industrial cakes

Chocolate cookies, jam-filled cakes, spread pancakes … Stop! Too oily and too sweet, these industrial preparations increase the risk of developing diabetes, overweight or obesity – in children as in adults.

” In addition, these cakes do not satisfy, adds Frédérique Chataigner. Result: we are still hungry before dinner, which leads us to consume more calories and fatally leads to weight gain. ”

  • No smartphone, no TV

Ideally, the snack should last between 15 and 20 minutes. It must be taken calmly, away from noise and stress: we, therefore, move away from our smartphone (and we temporarily confiscate our teenager’s phone …) and we turn off the television.

The objective: to taste a relaxing meal, to aid digestion and to ” promote satiety to avoid overeating “.


Ideally, the snack should be taken between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m .: “This is when the child has a peak of cortisol, that is to say, that his body requires sugar to have energy until bedtime “explains the specialist.

A balanced snack is made up as follows: 1 fruit (with the skin if possible, organic and seasonal) with the skin + 1 healthy toast + 1 hot or cold drink.

Some ideas for young and old:

  • 1 apple + 1 homemade waffle with buckwheat flour + 2 tsp. to c. homemade chocolate spread + 1 glass of hot or cold almond milk,
  • 2 clementines (skinless, of course) + 1 homemade pancake with buckwheat flour + 1 tsp. to c. homemade jam + 1 hot vegetable milk chocolate,
  • 1 tray of blueberries + 1 bowl of Fromage blanc + 1 slice of sourdough bread + water,
  • 1 pear + 1 glass of goat kefir + 1 gluten-free crunchy sandwich + 1 serving of fresh cheese.

Healthy spread, the recipe: melt 70% cocoa dark chocolate in a bain-marie with coconut oil. Add coconut sugar or honey, mix with a hand blender then reserve (in a glass jar) at least 1 hour in the refrigerator.

What if my child tastes school? Don’t panic, there are also healthy alternatives to snack taken during recess. For example 1 drinking yogurt or 1 vegetable milk briquette + 1 bar of homemade cereals or 1 bar of 70% cocoa chocolate + 1 banana or 1 orange.

To know. ” If your child is not hungry at dinner after a big snack (balanced of course), don’t force him! ”


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