Between the raclettes, the fondues, and the warm afternoons in front of the fireplace, it is sometimes difficult to lose weight in winter.

And yet, you don’t have to wait for the start of sunny days to stay in shape. Maintaining a good weight is a job that must be done throughout the year. 

So to help you in this mission, find our 5 tips for losing weight in winter.

Eat winter vegetable soups

Winter is often the season for rich foods such as raclette or Savoyard fondue. 

These dishes are delicious, but they are also very high in calories. However, if you want to lose weight in winter, they are your best enemy. 

The problem of the winter season is to find meals that fill the stomach to fight the cold, while being low in calories . 

Do you think that is impossible? Think again ! The soups winter vegetables are an excellent way to lose weight. 

However, soups are not a meal in their own right. We do not recommend eating exclusively soup-based food throughout the winter. This would have detrimental effects on your body, since you could be at risk of significant deficiencies .

 However, the soups can be excellent for dinner. It is generally said that it is important to eat like a king at breakfast, to eat lunch like a prince and to eat dinner like a pauper.

It is therefore preferable to adopt light meals in the evening. This allows you to digest well just before sleeping. As such, soup is the perfect meal. On the one hand, you eat seasonal vegetables . 

On the other hand, it is very dietary since the soup consists mainly of water and vegetables. Note that it is best to make your own soup.

In the supermarket, you will often find additional ingredients that are not always very healthy. 

Eating soup in the evening will make you lose weight if you maintain a balanced diet throughout the day.

Do sports at home or indoors

Besides a balanced diet, the best way to lose weight is to do sports . 

However, as soon as the cold arrives, the motivation to go running automatically disappears. This is no excuse, there are thousands of ways to play sports without having to face the wind and rain. 

Gone are the days under the duvet watching TV. It’s time to move on and finally lose those extra pounds. 

If you have a gym near you, take advantage of it! Today, gyms offer multiple activities to help you stay in shape. 

If you’re more lonely, go for the machines. For example, you can do some cardio with elliptical trainers or a rower. Then go through weight training for your arms, legs or abs.

All the equipment is there to help you sculpt. Classes are also offered in most gyms. You can find classes in zumba, cyclo, yoga, or abdominals. It’s up to you to choose what suits you. 

And if in spite of everything, you do not want to leave your home, this is not a reason to stay slumped on the sofa. 

There are hundreds of videos on the internet that allow you to exercise while at home.

And for that, you don’t even need specific equipment. A bottle of water, a sports outfit and a mat are enough to help you lose weight.

Drink teas and herbal teas to lose weight in winter

In winter, we often want hot drinks to warm up. Besides coffee or hot chocolate, there are other hot drinks that also allow you to burn calories. 

One of them is tea ! This is well known; your body needs water for optimal functioning. However, tea consists exclusively of water and plants. It therefore provides your body with one of the essential elements it needs. 

In addition to this, tea has draining functions. It will remove all the toxins from your body which are often responsible for difficulty losing weight or even gaining weight. 

Besides, tea is a natural appetite suppressant. This allows you to eat less. If you are hungry during the day, drink a cup of tea and it will pass. This will avoid eating foods that are high in calories. 

One of the best teas for weight loss is green tea . This is antioxidant. This means that it will eliminate your toxins thereby reducing the fat present in your body.

Fill up on calcium

When you start a diet, it happens regularly that you are in nutritional deficiency.

However, each molecule is essential for the functioning of the organism and therefore weight loss. Food should therefore not be overlooked, as it is too high in calories. 

This is particularly the case for calcium. Indeed, it helps stimulate your digestive activity.

Foods containing calcium include dairy products, sardines and even green leafy vegetables . 

Note that these products are more or less good for your diet. So, if you buy yogurts with industrial fruits, these are rich in calcium, but also in sugar . It is therefore important to carefully check the composition of each food. 

A study was conducted at Laval University concerning obese women and taking calcium.

 The researchers compared two groups of women participating in a slimming program. 

The first group took 600 grams of calcium while the second group took a placebo. 

Women who eat calcium have lost an average of 6 kg while others have lost only 1 kg.


Opt for foods rich in magnesium

Another molecule promoting weight loss is magnesium.  Indeed, it supplies your cells with oxygen. However, the effect of oxygen is to eliminate fat. It is therefore a great way to lose weight in winter. 

According to an American study (NHANES), a low intake of magnesium could increase the risk of diabetes (often due to an overweight problem). 

Another advantage of magnesium is that it plays on leptin, and more specifically, it reduces it. However, leptin promotes the feeling of hunger.

By consuming magnesium regularly, you will be hungry less often and especially in smaller quantities. It is therefore up to you to listen to your body in order to lose weight in winter. 

Among the foods rich in magnesium, you will find all green vegetables , as well as pulses, whole grains or even oilseeds. 

In addition to being an ally for your weight loss, magnesium is also an anti-fatigue and an anti-stress. 

It also ensures the health of your bones and teeth, and prevents the risk of cancer.


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