Lose weight and refine your figure, without making a restrictive diet … It’s possible! Sarah Marin-Maire, a nutritionist dietitian, gives us the instructions for adopting a balanced diet for lasting weight loss.

The 10 basic rules, to lose weight without making a restrictive diet

  • Maintain consistency and have a long-term vision, with balanced meals , throughout the weeks, months, but also throughout the year.
  • Consult a dietitian to find out the appropriate portions (depending on different parameters: age, sex, metabolism , height, weight, etc.). Two consultations are enough to take stock of habits and establish a program.
  • Have complete plates with each meal, that is to say with the following components: animal or vegetable proteins , vegetables , complete starchy foods and a portion of vegetable fat .
  • Split your food, providing a snack , which will limit snacking by regulating blood sugar .
  • Favor raw, seasonal, and if possible, local and organic products. And limit sugary products.
  • Stay curious, open up to another diet, start cooking more, take pleasure in not seeing this as a constraint.
  • Well hydrated throughout the day.
  • Practice regular physical activity , essential for weight loss , but also to stay healthy.
  • Opt for a physical activity that we like, start gradually. It is better to do less, but regularly, than big sessions once in a while.
  • Set achievable goals, and steps to reach before the final goal, whether on the food or sporting side.

Weight loss: do not ban foods, but replace them intelligently

Even for weight loss research , banning food is a bad idea. Indeed, banning certain foods will necessarily lead to frustration. So rather than banning these foods, opt for more nutritionally attractive alternatives.

The idea is to consume your cute sins otherwise. Do you like cakes ? Rather than buying packages of cakes which are ultra processed products, full of sugars and fats, make a homemade cake. This will reduce the amount of sugar you put in it and you will control each ingredient that you put in the preparation.

In the same way, do you want a burger? Don’t deprive yourself, but make it homemade, with good, well-chosen products.

Finally, those who love cheese , we are also entitled to their little pleasure: we avoid processed cheeses, and we plan small portions (30 or 40 grams) of good organic cheese.

The advice in addition: if you have to choose between two products, check the list of ingredients: this should be as short as possible. Note that the first food is always the most important in quantity.

Proteins, vegetables, starches: foods not to be zapped to lose weight

If there are slim foods, such as vegetables, that you can eat at will when trying to lose weight, it’s all a question of balance.

A plate that will allow you to lose pounds, is a complete plate, made up of:

  • Complete starchy foods, for the effect on satiety and to give the energy that the body needs.
  • Vegetables, rich in fiber , they contribute to the feeling of satiety and help the proper functioning of the digestive system.
  • Proteins, which are going to be the “bricks” of our organism, and especially of our muscles.
  • A portion of fat, which will allow the assimilation of certain vitamins .

These food groups therefore contribute to a balanced diet, the more we are going to be in the variety, the more we are going to provide the body with everything it needs.

When we want to lose weight, we often tend to want to remove one or more of these components from the plate. However, this will lead to frustrations, a feeling of hunger that we will have to relieve otherwise and therefore weight gain …

Still water, flavored water, herbal tea, tea … The drinks to favor to lose weight

To lose weight, water is the only recommended drink. In order not to tire and get hydrated, you can add the juice of a lemon , mint leaves, cut fruit to brew, etc.

Soft drinks, even in “light”, “zero” versions, fruit juices , alcohol and energy drinks should be avoided.

Note that a fruit juice will never replace a fresh fruit: there is no fiber, but almost as much sugar as in a soda , which will significantly increase blood sugar.

You can also consume herbal teas at will. Be careful not to abuse tea however , which contains caffeine and theine, which will force, inhibit the absorption of iron. The right alternative? The rooibos , a “red tea”, which contains no caffeine.


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