There are many methods for losing weight and many drastic diets. But what strategy will really help you lose weight? We have summarized below the most important points to know about diet . You can also learn here which type of diet is best for you and how you can reduce your weight long term with our top 15 weight loss tips .

Admittedly, this is true: the “best diet” that suits everyone does not exist, because everyone has different requirements and designs regarding their weight loss. Choosing which method is best for you is entirely up to you!

What is a diet?

In the original sense of the term, the word “diet” is derived from the ancient Greek word “diaita” and means “lifestyle”. Today, the term refers to  certain diets which are aimed either at losing or gaining weight, or at treating diseases .

How does an effective diet work?

If your goal is to reduce your weight, a  slimming diet  is an option available to you. The goal of this diet is to create a  calorie deficit  by reducing your daily calorie intake. To prevent your body from going hungry, it is important not to reduce your daily calorie requirement by more than 500 kilocalories. A  calorie deficit of 500 calories  is enough for a measurable weekly fat loss and at the same time prevents a yo-yo effect. If you still don’t know how many calories you actually need,  here  are instructions on how to calculate them.

Slimming thanks to a change of diet

If you want to lose weight permanently and without the yo-yo effect, it is advisable to change your eating habits. To learn more about this process, see our  tips on changing the diet .

The following diets mainly focus on  a change in diet combined with a moderate calorie deficit . You will discover on this page what are the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of diets for weight loss:

  • The  low carb diet  is a low-carbohydrate diet in which foods like fish, meat, vegetables, nuts, and dairy products are consumed.
  • The diet “Lose weight while sleeping” (original “Schlank-im-Schlaf by Detlef Pape) is a type of dissociated diet and is based on the optimal combination of proteins and carbohydrates.
  • The  protein diet  focuses on a low carbohydrate and high protein intake.
  • The ketogenic diet is a form of diet that prohibits many carbohydrate foods, in order to have a maximum carbohydrate intake of 50 g per day.
  • The  clean eating  is a food trend that focuses on fresh, unprocessed foods.
  • Fasting requires eating only within defined time windows and changing your diet in the short or long term.

Diets with meal replacements

If you’re having trouble starting a low-calorie diet, meal replacements may be the answer.  Meal replacements are available in the form of shakes, soups or bars. They contain fewer calories than a normal meal, but still contain all the important nutrients your body needs. In a sometimes stressful everyday life, slimming meal replacements can also be prepared quickly and easily.

What is my slimming profile?

Not every diet method is suitable for everyone. Successfully losing weight also depends on the attitude, eating habits and sporting will of each, we have defined  three different slimming profiles . You will certainly find yourself in one of these categories.

The relaxed

People who want to slim down  rarely play sports  and do not want to give up a few treats: they want to  lose weight quickly with the least possible effort  and  fully enjoy their meals . But is it so easy to  lose weight without playing sports  ? Of course, you can’t accomplish anything effortlessly, but you don’t need an extreme sports program to lose weight at your own pace. With a minimum of daily exercise, muscle building training once or twice a week and a balanced diet – by limiting junk food and sweets – you can already achieve certain goals successfully.

Especially at the start of a diet or a change of diet, it can happen that you are taken by cravings. In order not to crack constantly in such situations, you can, for example, eat a handful of nuts or drink a glass of warm water. With these tips, you can decrease hunger pangs and lose weight without frustration.

You can also lose weight comfortably and effectively with slimming shakes . This dietary method replaces one or more meals a day with slimming shakes. This both saves calories and provides your body with all the important nutrients. Discover in our  comparison of slimming shakes  which is the best meal replacement!

Attention to his diet

Food-conscious people want above all to  eat healthy, while retaining pleasure in savoring meals that respect the environment . To lose weight in the long term and without the yo-yo effect, this type of diet must above all focus on a  permanent change in diet .

A mixed diet with as much plant food as possible and a moderate reduction in calories (max. 500 kcal) is particularly suitable for nutrition-oriented weight loss. Depending on your diet, a vegan or  vegetarian diet  may also be right for you. If you want to limit your sugar intake in order to increase your chances of success, the  sugar-free diet  is probably the best method for you.

As there are more and more low-calorie alternatives to noodles, rice or sugar, you don’t have to give up your favorite dishes during such a diet or a change of diet. On the contrary, you can  lose weight naturally .

The sporty one

As for the sportsman, he likes to  practice endurance sports, do muscle building and would simply like to get rid of one or two extra pounds . As sport alone is not enough to lose weight effectively, the sports fan must also  pay attention to his diet . With the  protein diet  you can reduce your weight without losing muscle mass. In addition, proteins provide a feeling of satiety. To  lose weight and gain muscle  at the same time, your body needs enough protein in addition to strength training.

Healthy Weight Loss – Top 15 Tips

There are a multitude of tips for losing weight effectively and sustainably. This is why we have done research and tests to offer you here the 15 best tips for losing weight.

1. Make the decision

To be successful, it is important that you decide on your own accord to get rid of your extra pounds. No one can push you or even persuade you, it must come from yourself. Once you have decided to lose weight and have chosen a diet, you should no longer question this decision and become fully involved in your diet program. Say to yourself, ”  I’m going to slim down, whatever the cost!” “. Of all the advice on weight loss, this is perhaps the most important.

2. Set realistic goals

Many have a misconception of what realistic diet goals are. If you want to  lose weight properly and in the long term , you should abandon the idea of ​​losing as much weight as possible in the shortest possible time. It is important that you do not set yourself too high a goal. Consider losing  2 to 3 pounds per month  is a reasonable guideline. So, in one year, you can lose 12 to 36 kilograms.

3. Do not weigh yourself every day

If you are losing weight slowly, but healthily and sustainably, you do not need to weigh yourself daily and see if the number has dropped further. This only creates unnecessary frustrations. Weigh yourself  only once a week . Once you feel good about your new lifestyle, it will melt the pounds on your own and you may weigh yourself less frequently or not at all. In the end, it is not the numbers that count, but your personal well-being.

4. Reward yourself

For many, a good meal is a reward. However, what you treat yourself to as “good” is generally not very healthy and full of calories. So if you want to lose weight, you better reward yourself in another way! With what, only you know. Why not with  a perfume or a garment of your dreams, or a little getaway .

5. Get up and move on

In an ambitious, long-term diet program,  one of the biggest mistakes is taking the deviations too seriously , to the point of wanting to give up everything “because I can’t do it anyway”. Have you let yourself go with the cupboard? – So what ! You can catch up at dinner. Also keep in mind that any negative change on the scale does not mean that you have gained fat; it can be muscle!

6. Change your diet

How can I lose weight? The best way to lose weight healthy is to  completely change your diet over the long term .

Some important basics to change your diet:

  • Cook yourself and use fresh ingredients!  – Unlike fast food and prepared meals, you will know exactly what is in your meals. In addition, over time, you will gain important knowledge about different foods and their ingredients. If you cook in advance and take your meals to work, you can also cook homemade dishes daily.
  • Eat foods high in fiber!  – Dietary fiber is not only important for digestion, it also provides a relatively low energy density in food. This means that high-fiber foods usually have relatively few calories, but are good enough because you can eat relatively many.
  • Eat enough vegetables and fruit!  – If you have set yourself the goal of losing weight, you should eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Vegetables are low in calories and provide lots of vitamins and minerals. Fruits are also good for weight loss and a great source of nutrients. However, you should not eat more than two servings of fruit per day, so as not to consume too much fructose. Little tip: consume a minimum of 400 g of vegetables and a maximum of 250 g of fruit per day.

7. Prefer protein-rich foods

For effective weight loss, you should include protein rich foods in your diet.  There are several reasons for this:

  • Proteins have a good satiating effect.
  • To transform food proteins into body proteins, the body needs energy. This is where fat stores come in.
  • Proteins prevent the body from decreasing muscle mass. The more muscles you have, the more calories your body burns.

Many protein-rich foods like poultry, fish, and fromage blanc will keep you full for a long time without being too high in calories or fat. Yogurt or buttermilk are ideal for starting the day. Here you will find an overview of  protein rich foods (PDF included) . If you don’t eat animal foods or want to limit your meat intake, here are the  best sources of vegan protein .

8. Keep a food schedule

In order to better control the way we eat,  it is recommended to keep a food schedule  in which you note each meal, each drink, the reasons for your meals and your feelings when you eat. Likewise, you can also  record your weight once a week in a journal . It is important to always weigh yourself at the same time of the day, naked or in the same clothes and always use the same scale. You can also measure your waistline every four weeks. When your motivation drops, re-reading your notes will prove that your impressions are misleading and that you are constantly progressing in your weight loss.

9. Count your calories

Reducing fat requires a calorie deficit. Thus,  you lose weight if you eat fewer calories than you consume per day . Counting your calories can help you monitor and modify your eating habits to successfully burn fat. Of course, counting calories should not degenerate into a source of stress, but rather serve as a support and allow you to have an overview.

10. Eat regularly and slowly

According to the German Food Society, there is  no scientifically proven link between meal frequency and weight regulation in adults . [2]  This means that you are free to decide whether you eat three large meals a day or five small ones. However, it is important that you  maintain a constant amount of calories and regular meal times . If you eat between main meals, you should prefer vegetables, fruits or low-fat dairy products for your snacks between meals.

It is equally important to eat slowly. As the feeling of satiety does not arrive until after approximately 15 to 20 minutes after eating,  eating slowly allows you to be full faster and thus ingest fewer calories . In addition, a slow diet and good chewing aid digestion.

11. Drink lots and lots of sugar

Drinking a glass of water before each meal  is a well-known tip for losing weight. As the stomach is filled with fluid, the feeling of fullness begins earlier. A little water also helps to  calm the cravings between two meals . In addition, the body consumes extra calories when drinking – especially when the water is cold and needs to be warmed in the stomach. You should mainly drink low-calorie drinks such as water, unsweetened tea or coffee.

12. Exercise daily

You will lose weight if you eat fewer calories than you burn. It is therefore easier to lose weight if you exercise as much as possible to increase your calorie consumption. If you do not, you will be surprised at how quickly you have reached your calorie total. So move as often as you can everyday.  Walk short distances, use the stairs instead of the elevator and the bike instead of the car. You can also burn some calories by doing housework and gardening.

13. Have a regular sports activity

In addition to your busy daily life, you should  exercise at least two to three times a week . The duration and intensity of your training depends on your age and your physical condition. But you should still get out of your comfort zone, because even though most sports burn a lot of calories, it’s not that easy to get rid of countless calories. For example, a crosstrainer burns about 600 calories in an entire hour, the equivalent of a medium-sized main meal.

14. Increase your basal metabolism through weight training

Strength training activates your metabolism while maintaining your muscle mass. When you exercise your muscles, you are signaling to your body that you need them. During a diet, he does not then consider them as an energy reserve, in which case he would partially degrade them. Even at rest, muscles consume energy: the  more muscle mass you have, the higher your basal metabolism . And the higher your basal metabolism, the better your calorie balance. In addition,  weight training itself burns a lot of calories . Effective workouts not only help you  gain mass, but can also help you lose weight. You will learn more about the important elements when creating a training program on our Bodybuilding Training Program page   !

15. Stimulate fat burning through endurance sports

For a healthy cardiovascular system and to further stimulate fat burning, strength training should ideally be supplemented by  an endurance sport such as cycling, jogging or swimming at a moderate pace . In addition,  HIIT  (High Intensity Interval Training) training has proven to be a very good way to burn fat. It rapidly increases the heart rate and at close intervals. It activates fat metabolism relatively less than traditional endurance sports, but burns more fat thanks to the intensity of the high effort exerted.

Changing your diet, doing a lot of sport and making sure you have a moderate calorie deficit impacts your entire daily life, especially the first weeks and months. So, if you feel like you are too overwhelmed by your body and your diet, take a few days of relaxation with a balanced calorie balance and do something that will change your mind. After that, you will certainly feel refreshed and will be able to continue with a new motivation and lose weight effectively!


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